At CGN Global we understand the value of the skills and experiences that are gained through military service. That is why we have created the Military & Veteran Affairs (MVA) Division. This division as mentioned in the leadership video above is a leader imperative coming straight from the CEO as well as our Managing Partners. Through their vision:

Find Military personnel, past and present that fit within the CGN Global culture and aid them in converting their military skills into marketable civilian opportunities while adding a new dimension to the CGN Global Team.

We created the mission statement:

CGN Global is committed to all Service Members and Veterans by continuously providing business specific education, outside educational resources, and mentorship from fellow veterans. CGN Global’s tools are vital for a transition of Service Members and further developing Veterans so they may be successful within CGN Global or other civilian careers.

With this in mind, MVA is looking to make your transition from Service Member to civilian as smooth as possible. When you join the CGN Global team you will be provided a Veteran Sponsor on Day 1 who will help you through your transition. Your sponsor will help guide you through the ins and outs of working at CGN Global and help point you in the right direction.

CGN Global is looking for:

  • Specialties in Healthcare, Logistics, Supply Chain, Ordinance, Quarter Master, and Information Technology are preferred
  • Transitioning Active Duty Service Members (senior noncommissioned officers, warrant officers, and commissioned officers)
  • National Guard and Reserve Service Members with applicable experience in the above specialties whether it be military or civilian workforce
  • Military Veterans with a background in the above specialties