Sales And Operations Planning (S&OP)

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

In collaboration with Information Builders, CGN Global has developed Smart-Edge: Next Generation S&OP application. Smart-Edge is an integrated planning platform that spans marketing, operations, engineering, and finance. Using highly sophisticated mathematical analyses and optimization techniques, Smart-Edge enables users to investigate multiple production plan scenarios, evaluate enterprise-level profit, and assess the financial impact of demand shaping, surge capacity, and other what-if mitigation strategies. Manufacturers will better understand the risk associated with any potential plan and a gain a more holistic understanding of performance drivers, so they can boost profitability and supply-chain effectiveness. Powered by CGN’s subject matter and industry experts, as well as Information Builders’ cutting-edge iWay Software and revolutionary tool WebFOCUS RStat, we can provide you with the intuitive tools and unmatched knowledge to create an S&OP process above and beyond the traditional approach.

The Traditional 9-step S&OP Process is Expanded with Smart-Edge S&OP - source: CGN evolved from Gartner

Smart-Edge provides manufacturers the enterprise-wide insight to:

  • Investigate multiple production plan scenarios, evaluate enterprise level profit and meet customer priorities
  • Understand the capacity gaps and excesses for different production plan scenarios
  • Evaluate the financial impacts of different mitigation strategies (i.e. demand shaping, surge capacity)
  • Provide present tradeoff metrics to determine an optimum mitigation strategy
  • Simulate and understand the financial risk if the actual demand is significantly different from the forecast demand

To learn more about Smart-Edge: Next Generation S&OP, watch our COLLABORATIVE WEBINAR and view our PRODUCT FACT SHEET.

For a detailed description of Smart-Edge functions, capabilities and features view our Smart-Edge: Next Generation S&OP White Paper.

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