Business Analytics For Sales And Marketing

Analytics for Sales and Marketing

We help sales and marketing teams utilize their rich data with Predictive Analytics and Optimization techniques to identify new marketing and sales opportunities. As revenue generation drives all future planning, applying Predictive Analytics provides the insights into the future that are not available from your standard Business Intelligence and CRM systems.

Sales coverage optimization

Analyze the efficiencies of your current sales coverage approaches, and utilize Predictive Analytics to project what your needs will be in the future given market and economic variations. We can model various coverage models, and provide guidance for adopting the optimum approaches.

Propensity-to-buy models

Your current marketing campaigns may cast a wide net in the hope of finding a relatively small number of qualified prospects. We can employ Predictive Analytics to identify prospects that have the greatest propensity to buy your products or services. With this insight, you can run much more targeted, successful marketing campaigns.

Revenue-at-risk models

Predictive Analytics can be employed that will identify future revenue streams that may be at risk. Customer purchase history can be combined with external market data to provide an early warning system that will allow you to react before it’s too late.

Customer 360 degree insights

Analyze all of your Customer’s interactions with your company (marketing responses, purchases, shipments, returns, Customer support, etc.), and gain insights into how to optimally interact with them to maximize their revenue potential.

New product introduction strategies

Analyze historical Customer and product data, and combine it with external data to get valuable insight into features and functionality that will be well received by the market. Utilize sophisticated Optimization techniques for guidance in your product planning.

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