Business Analytics For Supply Chain And Operations

Analytics for Supply Chain and Operations

Known for our deep supply chain expertise, we utilize our Predictive Analytics knowledge as a powerful way to help you manage an agile, adaptive supply chain that can respond to today’s and tomorrow’s dynamic markets.

Our Predictive Analytics capabilities help companies make forward-looking, data-driven decisions that empower them to see into the future, and achieve competitive advantages through informed decision making. We have expertise in applying Predictive Analytics in:

Supplier capacity management optimization

Utilize sophisticated Predictive Analytics and Optimization techniques to manage your Suppliers’ future capabilities to provide you with the materials you’ll need to meet your future Customer demands.

Demand planning/visibility forecasting

Forecasting Customer demand in the future is a very complex task given the many uncertainties the world. You can utilize Predictive Analytics techniques to increase your accuracy and confidence in your forecasts.

Inventory optimization

Managing your near-term inventory needs is relatively straight forward, but this gets progressively more complex the farther you plan into the future. We can help you utilize sophisticate Predictive Analytics and Optimization approaches to help you plan with confidence.

Transportation analytics

We can help you reduce your costs and increase your efficiencies through more effective use of your human resources and assets.

Supplier selection analytics

Selecting new Suppliers or leaving current Suppliers can be complex, confusing decisions as you often don’t see the results of your decisions until well into the future. CGN can employ data driven decision making processes to streamline your decision making.

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