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Establishing the Optimal Supply Chain

By Tom Rauch, Kailas Mote & Vijay Venkatasamy

Are you finding the complexity of Supply Chain network configurations are stalling important decisions for your company?

Supply Chain Network Analysis designs and optimizes your supply chain. CGN Global (CGN) assists its clients creating a new supply chain, adding to the current supply chain or evaluating effectiveness to assess an existing one.

Taming Supply Chain Networks

Role of Analytics in the Evolution of Future Industrial Supply Chains - A Perspective

By Seshadri Guha & Syamala Srinivasan

As different analytical and data technologies emerge and mature over time, the innovations ranging from real time visibility to operational analytics, supply-chain modeling to predictive analytics, or advanced visualization to simulation will all provide the key ingredients for success.

The Value of Equal Exchange

By Clinton B. Harman

I was recently asked to incorporate a survey into an industry blog that I had proposed. I’ve been asked to include a survey on many projects and I’ve never really taken into consideration the effectiveness of a survey. I’m a User Experience Strategy guy and from a strategy standpoint, surveys are still considered a great method for user engagement. Surveys allow the user to interact with the site and in turn create an opportunity for instantaneous fulfillment of the user needs through the expectation of results.