Retail And Consumer Packaged Goods

Industry Trends

As the CPG industry expands its global footprint, companies are facing unprecedented challenges amplified by an increasingly global market. Escalating communication problems and new emerging markets are making supply chain requirements more complicated with growing need for efficiency. Industry leaders are constantly working towards better customer service and higher efficiency of their businesses.

Since these commodities are used up so quickly, there will always be a market for them. However, the competitiveness of producers and suppliers in this market is high due to the low cost of switching suppliers and high market saturation. To be able to survive in the current economic climate, businesses in the CPG trade need to become increasingly productive and highly communicative with their consumers.

Proven Results

CGN Global has partnered with Fortune 500 Consumer Packaged Goods companies in Business Transformation initiatives providing substantial, high-speed results. Through our expertise in areas of IT and website design/development, data analytics, manufacturing processes, supply chain and procurement we are equipped to develop your unique, sustainable edge over your competition.

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