Custom Application Development

Applications Tailored to You and Your Customers

We at CGN Global believe technology to be a function of the business – enabling streamlined processes, promoting internal information sharing, enhancing customer value – and not the other way around. There is a myriad of off-the-shelf, rigid software applications that companies are spending large sums of money on year after year; later to find that the costs have outweighed the benefit. The reason being the company was forced to customize their processes and operations to fit the application. In reality, these applications are made for a broad range of customers like you…but not exactly you.

There are cases where these off-the-shelf products suffice, but in other cases, organizations need custom applications. A company is a living, breathing entity with changing needs based on customer demands. CGN designs applications to be flexible and agile to evolve along with these needs, often collaborative with user-centric websites or intranets.

We assess the architecture of the organization and business operations to make recommendations for business enhancement through applications. From strategy to implementation, we use our Microsoft expertise to help countless customers, large companies and startups worldwide—and across a variety of industries—design and deploy Microsoft .NET-based applications that drive measurable, consistent business value.

Making it Happen

We specialize in rapid Custom Application Development of new, interoperable .NET applications. Our delivery team consists of Microsoft Certified developers who have thousands of hours under their belt helping clients such as you get your services to market faster, which ultimately helps lower enterprise application development costs.

Our custom development includes:

  • Web applications
  • Rich Internet applications
  • Mobile and RFID applications
  • User experiences that use Silverlight, HTML5, Microsoft Surface and touch technologies
  • Intranets and content management systems (CMS) developed using SharePoint and SiteCore
  • Customer-facing websites creating enhanced user experiences

For more information on how CGN can partner with you to develop web-based applications that cater to your business needs, please contact:

Paul Arnold
Managing Principal
Office: 312.873.5330

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