Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Services

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have become increasingly critical as business grow. Emerging global markets, more complex supply chains and continuously evolving customer needs require a more integrated approach toward enterprise-wide data. The most innovative organizations are using ERP to discount the time spent making sense out of the information at hand and instead concentrate on the value-adding activities they must perform to be most effective to the customer.

SAP – the most robust and widely used ERP system. Integrating SAP into the core of the business strategy going forward enables more efficient operations and more focus on value-adding business activities. CGN Global has many years of experience in SAP strategy, implementing the suite of SAP products and post-implementation support.

Master Data Management (MDM) – there is an "information supply chain" flowing throughout every enterprise. Using this data correctly minimizes waste, increases efficiency and allows a business to most effectively serve its customers. CGN Global has extensive expertise in the area of MDM for ERP implementations and post-implementation management.