Strategy & Market Innovation

International Courage. Local Knowledge. Global Results.

For organizations that want to grow their business, this often means launching into new, often unknown markets. New destinations for global sourcing. New markets for revenue growth. New industries to take core capabilities. Especially in the world’s increasingly-expansive emerging markets, companies are searching to find untapped opportunities.

If you want to enter new markets or expand in those where you currently operate, CGN can make it happen. Our local teams around the world know their markets and use that knowledge to create a strategy for your successful growth and deliver rapid, on-the-ground implementation.

CGN will help you understand compliance incentives, government regulations, market dynamics and white space opportunities.

We have decades of experience in the heavy equipment, automotive and consumer packaged goods industries, with a deep understanding of market trends and their impact on growth. We have offices in the United States, Europe, China and India. And we can help organizations become more competitive, effective and efficient in meeting business demands virtually anywhere.

At CGN, we enable businesses to enter emerging markets and increase local market share.

Our team can help you:

  • Develop strategies for new markets
  • Produce a framework for growth execution
  • Analyze investments, manage risks and deliver desired returns
  • Build and ramp up an effective supply and distribution ecosystem
  • Understand the market dynamics and build a customer-focused strategy
  • Uncover barriers to your success - and overcome them
  • Find experts with local knowledge on site
  • Discover new opportunities for customer markets and product development