Supply Chain & Operations

Building high-performance global operations

For organizations to win big in the global arena, their supply chain must become a productive and strategic advantage. But most organizations view supply chains as complex cost centers that present a direct challenge to the flexibility they need in order to compete.

At CGN, we can transform supply chain operations from a potential liability into an asset that rewards your business. We have decades of experience working with our clients to lower supplier costs, increase operational efficiencies, improve product quality and align business objectives.

Our global teams can also identify and source the right partners for your business, rapidly developing local supplier bases and building long-term international strategies.

CGN works with some of the world’s largest supplier-intensive organizations with major achievements around the world.

Our team can help you:

  • Reduce variability to increase effectiveness
  • Optimize processes and enable a lean, synchronized supply chain
  • Design supply chains for improved collaboration
  • Evaluate waste, energy and fuel use, and carbon footprint
  • Improve and promote value to aftermarket parts and service
  • Align end-to-end supply chain efforts to business strategies