CGN Global is a business transformation company that has partnered with Fortune 500 clients for over 20 years to drive innovation and execution.  What makes CGN Global different from other firms is that our executives have over 20 years of Pioneer ACO and managed care experience.  We understand the challenges in healthcare.  We leverage our lessoned learned and best practices to help your organization achieve the triple aim goals of improved population health, improved patient experience, and reduced healthcare costs. 

CGN Global offers multiple solutions to our customers, however our approach is to customize our work based on your specific needs and your market.  Below are some of our solutions to help your organization move to the next step.

Value Transformation Tool

CGN Global has a proprietary modeling process to assist you in identifying those activities that you can be most successful to your organization to generate improved clinical and financial outcomes.  Don’t spend your time trying to boil the ocean, instead identify the strategies that are most successful in your market. 

Post-acute care strategy

Skilled Nursing Care is the number two spend for Medicare patients behind In-Patient acute care.  CGN Global’s Post-acute Strategy is designed to ensure that your Medicare patients are being discharged from the hospital at the right time and to the right setting to eliminate the risk of readmission and unnecessary care.

Our Post-acute Care Strategy can deliver reductions in hospital and Skilled Nursing Facilities lengths of stay while reducing unnecessary visits to the emergency room and readmissions to the hospital.  Also, our strategy uses patient and clinical data to build partnerships between hospitals and a network of high performing skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies that use standardized clinical protocols when treating the patient.

ACO data analytics, data aggregation for Population Health Management and Fee for Value Financial Analytics

One of the largest challenges for the healthcare industry is the amount of data available.  CGN has proprietary systems that help the customer focus on the right data in order to better understand their patient population to develop care programs to improve clinical outcomes.

TADA Data Analytics

TADA is an executive operating system that is changing the way business decision-makers interact with information. It can extend your expertise across your entire organization and enable you to make complex decisions involving extraordinary volumes of fast-changing information – quickly and strategically. TADA allows you to map your entire business landscape at warp speed, providing visual, intuitive access to information you can use.

It provides a common operating picture of the organization such that you can make informed, strategic, and timely decisions. You can aggregate existing information quickly and assimilate new information easily – then manipulate and analyze it in ways that enhance your natural decision-making processes. TADA allows you to interact with information, immerse yourself in it, and make it available to others.

For more information on TADA click here.

Fee for Value Risk Contract Analysis

CGN Global will analyze your contracts and provide recommendations so that you can effectively negotiate ACO contracts and create a partnership with your providers.

Financial Headwinds Analysis

CGN Global provides Financial Headwinds Analysis services to partner with you in evaluating different scenarios in economics, high level industry driver and strategic option to assess impact on short, mid and long term planning of financials. This service transformation will strategically align your financials to what you are doing to transform your business.

Strategic Cost & Revenue Management

CGN Global provides Strategic Cost & Revenue Management services to align purchasing functions and enable your ability to leverage purchasing practices. We can help you select and reduce supply options in order to get a greater volume at a lower cost, while standardizing supplies. CGN will also assess patients care preferences to capture more in-network referrals.

Business Transformation

CGN Global focuses on realigning processes and strategy, implementing the correct and most up to date technology and preparing companies for the future through many different forms of Business Transformation. We use our Healthcare Organization Process Transformation service to enable companies to dramatically improve in critical performance measures such as quality, cost and cycle time by fundamentally rethinking and redesigning core healthcare organization processes that are essential to a company's current and future progression.

Our methodology directly links to your overall healthcare organization processes and delivers substantial benefits. CGN Global strategically deploys a team to partner with you, using our experience in healthcare organizations and our knowledge and expertise in innovative healthcare organization processes to allow your healthcare process to meet patient’s preferences, analyze and optimize your processes and ultimately reduce healthcare costs without sacrificing effectiveness.

CGN Global has the knowledge and proven experience to transform your Healthcare Organization Process and bring you key benefits such as:

  • Meeting your patients wants/requirements with reduction in costs
  • Reduced healthcare costs through an analysis of your healthcare process
  • Pivotal collaboration between business processes and IT
  • Lean practices to reduce waste and streamline
  • Change Management for maximized adoption and utilization

Portfolio Management

CGN Global provides Portfolio Management services that will determine ABC (Activity Based Cost). In order to manage your staff efficiently, we can determine where resources are needed most and what type of resources you need more/less of. This is the most effective strategy to lower costs within your organization and gives you the ability to respond to the changing needs of the healthcare industry.