Industrial Manufacturing and Automotive

Industrial Manufacturing

Today’s industrial manufacturing companies are dealing with an increasing number of competitors all striving to better meet customer demands for superior products and services. The global economy, commodity prices, and exchange rates further challenge the business world. Yet companies still must find ways to improve competitiveness while doing more with less.

Industry Trends

In order to thrive in today’s environment and prepare for the future, the most progressive manufacturers are assessing supply chain effectiveness and working to maximize supplier performance, utilizing sophisticated data analytics to manage their manufacturing capacity and optimize sales and operations planning (S&OP)  processes. Company-focused solutions that were effective a short time ago are simply not effective today, so businesses are continually striving to improve both efficiency and customer-focused effectiveness across the entire value chain for more robust product/service development, often with shorter lead times.


The Automotive industry today is dealing with rapidly evolving customer demands, forcing automotive manufacturers to be more agile and adaptable. Meanwhile, recent tough times due to the waning global economy, natural disasters and rising fossil fuel costs have put an extraordinary amount of strain on the industry. It is becoming more essential than ever for suppliers to deliver high-quality products that match global demand while also maximizing efficiency.

Industry Trends

Thriving original equipment manufacturers (OEMS) and suppliers are collaborating to manage costs and are determined to be as efficient as possible. Constant innovation and waste reduction are becoming operational and cultural norms for the most flourishing automotive companies. Successful suppliers are improving quality while accelerating throughput by streamlining their process and supply chains are being optimized with a lean, single-piece mindset

Proven Results

CGN Global has partnered with automotive OEMs and suppliers in the U.S., Mexico, Europe, India and China in business-transforming achievements. We live and work in these cities and assess your unique situation and partner with you to provide innovative solutions that give you a distinctive edge over the competition.

For over 20 years, CGN Global has partnered with Fortune 500 industrial manufacturers and suppliers to create innovative solutions in all areas of business.  We ultimately transform these organizations to better meet today’s customer and market demands.

CGN consults in all manufacturing industries but we specialize in Heavy Machinery, Construction, Mining, Agriculture, Aerospace and Defense.


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