Intranet Design And Development

Intranets: Enabling Internal Collaboration

The all-knowing Wikipedia defines an intranet as a computer network that uses Internet Protocol technology to share information, operational systems, or computing services within an organization.

At its technical core, that’s what an intranet is…but at CGN Global, we see a well developed, interactive intranet as a driver of company growth and as a true business transformation. Through enhanced internal communication, productivity and collaboration, innovative companies are using intranets and custom applications to increase both efficiency and effectiveness by creating a more agile communications vehicle.

Through an intranet, organizations can build capabilities and realize benefits such as:

  • Innovation – sharing and building off ideas within teams, across departments, across locations and across continents...
    Human capital is often an organization’s biggest asset. The problem is that many companies are not harnessing their diverse, creative minds effectively and allowing for value-adding collaboration. Effective internal communication allows employees to build on each other’s ideas and spur innovation.
  • Time savings – intranets can be linked to corporate databases, making internal file sharing and searching a user-friendly snap...
    As the old saying goes, “Time is money.” Intranets reduce or even eliminate time-consuming emailing and calling for information. This allows for not only tangible cost savings, but it also leaves more time for employees to spend on value-adding activities.
  • Process Efficiency – an intranet creates leaner operations...
    Employees throughout the value chain can get the information they need in real-time using an intranet. Bottlenecks caused by waiting on information are reduced, since everyone has the information at their fingertips. A smooth information flow is just as important to company processes as a flow of parts and materials.
  • Cost savings – through time savings and other efficiencies...
    An intranet can reduce time spent gathering information, meetings to share ideas, training on new processes and more. With a centralized communication tool, many of these factors can even be eliminated. There is also no need to purchase licensing software for every desktop in the office for file sharing resulting in immediate cost savings.
  • Employee engagement – management can communicate and receive feedback from employees...
    A strategically developed intranet can transform a company culture by creating a flexible, purpose-driven organization through communication of goals and objectives, collaborative execution and channels to encourage dialog to harness the diverse ideas throughout the company.

Many organizations hope to gain these capabilities by simply implementing the latest and greatest intranet software. This approach is like buying a new Ferrari then realizing you don’t know how to drive. Only when an intranet is strategically deployed to serve the business can the full benefits be obtained.

Making it Happen

At CGN Global, we form every technology engagement around business goals, strategy and processes. If an intranet would not prove beneficial to an organization (which we are yet to find this to be the case) then its implementation should not be considered. We make sure the business, the technology implemented and the people using it are aligned to drive business forward into their next era of collaboration.

We apply many tools and expertise to design and implement easy to use intranets such as:

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