Lean Operations Implementation

CGN Global’s Lean Operations Implementation service is a methodology to enable process improvement and business transformation focused on service and administrative processes. It takes Lean practices beyond the shop floor and into the inner workings of the supporting administrative processes. Just as waste limits manufacturing processes, it also creates inefficiencies in administrative processes. We at CGN look at processes in a systematic and strategic light to identify constraints and eliminate the waste. We do not take a “silo” approach to administrative processes, but instead define the integration of these processes and the effect they have on each other, on the manufacturing process, and on the customer. With Lean Operations, organizations are able to minimize employ time spent, human error and unnecessary steps to produce sustainably efficient back-office operations.

CGN has a finely-tuned process for implementing Lean Operations:

  1. Define the Business Process to be Improved – The first step is pinpointing the process creating the root of the problem in order to start waste reduction to ultimately increase system throughput
  2. Define the Constraints and Waste in the System – Map the current process including all transaction times, wait times, activities and delays
  3. Define the Current State and Create the Future State – Document the Future State based on needed Current State improvements and evaluate the improved process for throughput, estimated savings (time, material) and improved customer satisfaction
  4. Implement the Future State Process – Implement the Future State process and replicate across similar systems for the benefit multiplier effect

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Case Studies:

 Lean Operations: Olympic Steel