Master Data EXchange (MDX)

At CGN Global, we use Master Data eXchange (MDX) to gather enterprise-wide data, analyze it, clean it, manage it and allow it to become an asset to your organization. Master Data eXchange (MDX) is a Managed Service for Master Data which incorporates Software as a Service (SaaS) model. MDX provides management, coordination, and technology for the process to prepare/validate Master Data for new applications as well as current systems in production.

MDX combines proprietary tools and a unique data repository that is tightly integrated with a proven methodology to significantly reduce the time and cost required to produce and maintain high-quality Master Data.

Master Data Quality Process using MDX

Master Data eXchange (“MDX”) is a best practices alternative (no CAPx) to deal with data migrations, acquisitions and data governance when working with not only SAP’s master data but all of the master data that can reside within an enterprise (legacy, other, etc). Read more about MDX data migration here.