Modular Sourcing

Modular Sourcing is a critical enabler to simplifying business and improving profitability. It provides a structure for material cost reductions through improved collaboration, not the traditional 3-Quotes and RFQ’s. CGN Global’s Modular Sourcing approach allows companies to realize supply chain efficiency gains through supply base consolidation that are aligned with Point of Use. Modularity in the supply base enables assembly savings, reduced sub-assembly and main line assembly in-house. CGN’s approach is based on supplier engagement and collaboration as well as process partner engagement to create sustainable benefits such as:

  • Visual depiction of Supply Chain, Engineering, Purchasing and Assembly views of product
  • Drives internal collaboration with multiple groups/Process partners
  • Ensure that each project aligns with Product Group, Engineering, Purchasing, Supply Chain/Logistics and Operations strategies

All components of the supply chain need to be pulling the rope in the same direction to make valuable progression possible. CGN Global’s Modular Sourcing service provides a structured, phased approach including value stream mapping, part family studies, workshops and execution. We realize that no two companies are the same, so our approach is flexible and adaptable to solve your unique challenges and capitalize on your unique opportunities.