Procurement Business Process Transformation

CGN Global focuses on realigning processes and strategy, implementing the correct and most up to date technology and preparing companies for the future through many different forms of Business Transformation. For Procurement, we use our Procurement Business Process Transformation service to enable companies to dramatically improve in critical performance measures such as quality, cost and cycle time by fundamentally rethinking and redesigning core procurement business processes that are essential to a company's current and future progression.

Our methodology directly links to your overall procurement business processes and delivers substantial benefits with virtually no impact to part and product design. We strategically deploy a team to partner with you, using our experience in large private and public sector companies and our knowledge and expertise in innovative procurement business processes to allow your procurement process to meet customer/stakeholder demands, analyze and optimize your processes and ultimately reduce procurement costs while not sacrificing effectiveness.

CGN Global has the knowledge and proven experience to transform your Procurement Business Process and bring you key benefits such as:

  • Meeting your customers and other stakeholders wants/requirements with reduction in budgets
  • Reduced procurement costs through an analysis of your procurement process
  • Pivotal collaboration between business processes and IT
  • Lean practices to reduce waste and streamline
  • Change Management for maximized adoption and utilization