Production System Improvement

CGN Global’s Production Systems Improvement service utilizes Lean Manufacturing methods to eliminate waste. Waste shows itself through employee time spent on lengthy processes, excess material used, excessive scrap/rework, wasted inventory and in nearly all areas of the production process. Waste within a Production Systems has a ripple effect throughout the process. By minimizing excess resources, cost of production and throughput is reduced while quality is increased, ultimately creating improved customer value. These elements create a sustainable competitive advantage that rings throughout the organization.

As CGN’s bread-and-butter, our 20+ years experience in Production Systems Improvement follows these basic steps (with altered elements tailored to each individual client) to create an efficient and effective Production System:

  1. Define Process Constraints and Bottlenecks – Use our finely-tuned Value Stream Mapping (VSM) technique, Spaghetti Diagrams, Time Study data to understand process and product flow
  2. Define Value Add/Non-Value Add (VA/NVA) Processes – Identify waste in the classical forms as well as those activities that are NVA but necessary. Stratify this data and use as an input to the desired future state process
  3. Document the Current State and the Desired Future State – Verify the desired Future State based on Current State improvements needed and create the deployment plan
  4. Implement and Validate the Future State – Implement the future state and sustainment methodology – including preventive maintenance and process change documentation; PPAP process if required

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Case Studies:

 Production System Improvement: Steel Castings Supplier