Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement for Manufacturing and Production

There are many avenues manufacturers take to become more attractive to their customers. They lower their prices even though it hurts their margins. They increase costly inventory to ensure they have product on hand when their customers order. They may even try to leverage their relationships to ensure business keeps coming. There are many paths to short-term customer satisfaction success, but only one can sustainably make manufacturers a go-to supplier: high quality products at a reasonable cost. Typical benefits of CGN’s Quality Improvement include:

  • Less warranty cost
  • Less scrap and rework
  • Fewer Internal Defects
  • Lower Customer Quality PPM levels
  • Proactive Quality Organizational Culture
  • Lower Cost of Quality & focus on proactive quality efforts
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction based on Quality & Proactiveness
  • More effective Quality Management System and Certification Support

Your Partner in Quality Improvement

CGN’s quality improvement approach combined with Lean Enterprise and Six Sigma techniques allows organizations to efficiently meet customer demand with the highest quality outputs. This deadly combination is a proven method to become a premier, in-demand manufacturer that customers love to work with. As a result, customers strive to keep a strong relationship with these lean/ high-quality manufacturers – not the other way around.

At CGN Global, we look for the root of the problem in collaboration with our clients’ teams. We have successfully engaged in high-velocity Quality Improvement with Fortune 500 customers for almost 20 years. Our success stems from our ability to look objectively into each customer’s unique situation and devise solutions that will sustainably improve their quality, streamline their operations and ultimately boost their bottom line.

Our Quality Improvement services include:

  • Problem Solving - distinctive, strategic problem solving approach; structured yet flexible enough for complex problems and unique client needs
  • Quality Management System Development – results in the ability to meet critical certification requirements to maximize attractiveness to customers
  • Production & Operations Improvement – for first time quality improvement initiatives; improve the quality of outputs by reducing PPM and scrap and ensuring quality through facility moves
  • Production System Improvement – optimizing production systems at single locations or enterprise wide to ensure the sustainable high-quality products and transform enterprise consistency
  • Variation Reduction & Process Capability Improvement – we work with manufacturers to increase consistency of quality and extend capabilities for processes throughout manufacturing operations
  • New Product Introduction – to maintain a standard of quality with each new product, the process to bring them from Phase Zero to production needs to be drenched in quality assurance
  • Business Process Improvement – the root of sustaining quality – processes in place to assure agility, speed and efficiency