Quality Management System Development

CGN Global’s Quality Management System (QMS) Development service is designed to bring an organization from conception to Quality Certification Submission. A QMS is the organizational structure, procedures, processes and resources needed to implement quality management. CGN views quality management as a blend of 3 aspects: Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Quality Improvement. Often, a non-disciplined QMS is a loosely monitored, baseline requirement method that adds no real customer value. CGN partners with organizations to take a holistic view of quality throughout the company, identify gaps in the QMS, align it with key business operations, and take the proper steps toward Quality Certification to create sustainable customer satisfaction via high-quality products.

Through multiple projects and 20+ years of experience, CGN Global has developed a phased approach toward Quality Management System development:

  1. Define QMS Requirements – Define requirements for internal needs and for compliance to desired customer standard, industry standards, or certifications
  2. Create the Foundation for the QMS – Perform gap analysis of current quality system against requirements
  3. Create Gap Closure Plan and Perform Gap Closure Activities – Execution plan to eliminate gaps through documentation creation, system architecture and internal audit structure
  4. Submission and Certification Readiness – The QMS Development service is designed to create a robust quality system that can stand the rigor of a desired certification as an outcome; we lead the organization to certification readiness with the support of our varied service offerings

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