SAP Functional And Technical Consulting

SAP Project Success is Dependent on the Project Resources

When it comes to taking on often cumbersome SAP projects, finding, qualifying and hiring resources is a common struggle. When it comes to inevitably complicated ERP systems, projects are only as successful as the minds doing the work. Furthermore, a great SAP mind doesn’t necessarily yield the qualifications needed for unique SAP projects. A strategic mix of functional consultants (focused on process) and technical consultants (focused on SAP technologies) are needed to succeed in SAP projects that meet the business goals.

CGN Global’s SAP practice has the recruiting eco-system to find the most qualified SAP consultants that match our customer’s needs at the lowest possible price. CGN assembles a team specifically for each SAP related project including guidance and management from our executive leadership. Each engagement is closely monitored by our leadership team to ensure quality and successful engagements.

Hiring Quality SAP Resources

In today’s SAP ecosystem, price tends to drive quality. We focus on balancing the price with talented quality resources that are committed to delivering what our client needs. Through our years of staffing excellence, we have developed the ability to find the highest quality resource at the lowest possible price.

Our process for delivering the right resource is based on a few simple yet very important steps. This process, as evidenced by our customers, eliminates the time customers spend looking for resources. When it is time for our client to interview the resource, they are talking to a qualified candidate, screened to ensure they have the skill set required, and their references are thoroughly confirmed.

Our Functional & Technical Consulting service follows an 8-step approach to ensure successful SAP projects:

CGN's 8-step approach to ensure successful SAP projects through strategic recruiting and staffing