SAP Project Consulting

SAP projects can be a daunting task. The technical complexity of the ERP system itself requires a specific knowledge set. Organizations often assign technical gurus to manage their SAP projects, often overlooking (or not realizing) the need to align SAP with business processes and strategic objectives. No matter how big or small the SAP projects, they are all critical to the desired SAP and overall business efficiency. Most companies do not have the bandwidth, knowledge-base or experience to correctly drive these projects toward key business goals. Only when companies view these projects as business drivers, aligning with the organizational goals, employees and processes can they make each SAP engagement a value-adding success.

The CGN SAP practice covers the entire ecosystem and suite of SAP products which includes project management. SAP customers are in different life cycles when it comes to implementing SAP into their business. One size DOES NOT fit all. At CGN, we supply experienced SAP project managers to help with support of existing applications, upgrading to new versions and the actual Greenfield implementations for organizations anywhere from mid-market companies to global companies. Our project managers come with years of experience in actually managing full life cycle ASAP SAP implementations. They understand the enterprise and what it takes from the people, process and technology aspects of an SAP project to make it a success.