SAP Sizing And Performance

SAP sizing is about choosing the best resources to handle both technological and business capabilities. As we at CGN always say, technology should serve as a business enabler and not a deterrent. SAP aims to do just that, but without the appropriate hardware, the ability to aptly utilize the system can be difficult or even impossible. Proper utilization of SAP can serve as a business transformation for organizations around the world, and it starts with the hardware framework.

The SAP sizing exercise is an art, not a science. The relationship of the infrastructure needed for performance has to consider not only the hardware and storage requirements but the actual use of the SAP software, which is different in every customer and industry. We work with the business and IT to capture the information needed and then work closely with the SAP Centers of Excellence (“COE”) for each hardware vendor to come up with the optimum sizing for our customers. This includes initial project sizing, upgrades and strategies for global companies as they roll out SAP on 4-5 year implementations. The key is to ensure that the hardware can scale, perform to business user’s requirements and at the same time control the overall infrastructure spend for each of the SAP software components.

Your SAP Partner

SAP global and mid-market customers have relied on CGN Global to size their SAP systems across all the functionality SAP delivers including but not limited to ECC, CRM, BI, SRM, GTS, APO, BO, X-apps. According to SAP, the key performance indicators in terms of sizing are CPU, disk space and disk I/O, memory, and network bandwidth. At CGN, we work with our partners to measure these factors and take a step by step approach to ensure organizations have a sizable, scalable and agile SAP framework.