SAP Strategy Management

CGN Global provides SAP Strategy Management based on making sure that the SAP suite of software products is actually enabling the business strategy for our customers. We work with mid-market and global companies understanding how sustainability and performance of a business needs to be applied to integrated software to reduce business risk, lower costs and accelerate revenue. Within the frame work of implementing SAP there are many discrete strategies that come into play when looking across the enterprise strategy, architecture, technical, multi-site, multi-country, order- to- cash, purchase-to-pay, go-to market, etc.

Our experience has shown us that successful SAP implementation includes making sure the strategy encompasses the people side of the equation starting with executive management and the key strategic business drivers they define within the overall business strategy as well as the end users that use the software on a daily basis to increase productivity, reduce costs, create better customer and supplier experiences.

SAP Planning throughout the Enterprise

As SAP has matured as a suite of products it has inevitably increased in complexity and business continuity. SAP now relies on integration of not only business processes but the software components that make up supply chain management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Supplier Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, etc. With all of these new relationships from collaborating with suppliers and customers over the internet to predictive analytics it is imperative to have an enterprise view of the solution. CGN has the experience to lead you through these strategies to make SAP an asset to your organization.