Top 7 Hidden SAP Support Expenses

Top 7 Hidden SAP Support Expenses 

Part 1: Intro

The SAP lifecycle consists of three phases- Implementation, Support, and Upgrades. While you cannot eliminate all the expenses associated with SAP, there are ways to reduce the overall cost; with one area that many companies overlook is ongoing support.

Basic Nature of SAP Implementation

Supply Chain Management - Making SMEs Adoptive and Responsive

Supply Chain Management - Making Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Adoptive and Responsive 

One fine morning you get up to find out that your daily bread's price has gone up by 15% and the Kinnaur apples that you savour costs 20% more, you may be wondering what has gone wrong even while the price of ingredients used in bread remain steady. Is it the bread manufacturer or the apple grower who are playing spoilsport? Here the role of supply chain management comes. Something must have gone wrong down the supply chain line. Manufacturing or production, labour, traders, packaging, transportation, competition are some the factors which have driven up the costs.

Supply Chain Challenges in the Heavy Manufacturing Industry

Supply Chain Challenges in the Heavy Manufacturing Industry

The heavy manufacturing industry has its own unique challenges in managing its supply chain.

Global shifts in demand, traditionally low volumes and extensively long lead times are common factors that define the nature of this industry. Additionally, by nature of the specialized processes involved in manufacturing these products, the complexity of the supply chain alone, is further increased with the inclusion of many smaller sized suppliers and subcontractors performing these specialized operations.