Variation Reduction & Process Capability Improvement

CGN Global Variation Reduction (VR) & Process Capability Improvement (PCI) methodology is a data intensive approach resulting in defined requirements, stabilized processes and monitored control. CGN identifies and attacks the sources of variability. We use a unique blend of practices and tools to find the root of the problem and increase Process Capability. The end solution is greater consistency, efficiency and effectiveness of processes with an emphasis on continually evaluating and improving.

CGN’s extensive real-world experience in VR & PCI has forged a performance method that is structured yet flexible to provide solutions unique to your organization:

  1. Define Critical Processes and Control Points – Create a Key Process/ Key Product/ Control Points relationship matrix and ensure Key Control Points are aligned with Control Plans and Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (PFMEA)
  2. Perform Process Capability Studies – Perform Measurement System Studies as required; identify processes not in statistical control, dominant causes and families of variation;
    distinguish between processes with a central tendency issue, dispersion issue or both
  3. Create Reduction of Variation Plan – Prioritize the processes and define the methods to be used in the improvement effort
  4. Monitoring and Continual Improvement – Document the continuing monitoring methods and error proofing techniques

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