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Transforming the Digital Customer Experience

Consumers no longer just visit websites, they have relationships with them. They wake up every morning and visit their favorite news site, post a status on their favorite social network and visit their go-to for entertainment. Website browsing is no longer an activity people do, but a definition of who they are. The better a website can entrench itself in a user’s everyday life, the more dependence and brand loyalty can be harnessed. This is done by giving the user what they want, when they want it and how they want it – creating a customer-centric pull regarding how websites are designed and browsed rather than the traditional company-centric push.

CGN Global partners with organizations to design and develop user-centric websites, enhancing customer experiences and creating a competitive advantage through web-based business approaches and custom applications. At CGN, we believe that companies must reinvent themselves by at least 20% each year to stay competitive and profitable. In this day and age, that 20% transformation is often web-based.

A website represents the face of a company. In this day and age, when someone wants company information, they don’t call the company 1-800 number or make a trip to the office, they visit the website. The importance of having an impressive yet user-friendly online experience is escalating by the day, and the most innovative companies are taking the path of investing in online customer relationships.

Our latest design and development work Recognized by Microsoft as a SharePoint site of the month. Read our case study on Recognized by Microsoft as a SharePoint site of the month

Benefits of Professional Website Design and Development

  • Strong aesthetic appeal based on creative design and expert user experience to make a strong first impression, increase stickiness and click-through rate
  • Based on user tendencies, we are able to showcase what you do best, directing visitors towards the most important/highest ROI parts of your website
  • These days word travels fast, and the companies with superior designs and site usability are recognized as customer-centric faster than ever – creating more inbound links, better search engine results, resulting in more visitors and increased revenue through website sales and calls-to-action
  • CGN uses all types of interactive features to ingrain users into a website, making even the most complex technology completely user friendly.
  • Bugs and technical issues can bounce people off a website as quick as anything – having a website professionally designed, developed and tested by seasoned professionals is a way to ensure browser capability and elimination of pesky website bugs that cloud and often kill the user experience.
  • Becoming a truly customer-focused organization allows a company to harness the transparency that they can no longer hide from, welcoming it as a sustainable competitive advantage.

How CGN is Unique

CGN combines a unique blend of technology with business processes and employee change management. Technology should be a function of the business, enabling accomplishment of business goals and improved processes, all leading to better customer value. With corporate transparency being at an all-time high (and rising), the only true way to gain a competitive advantage is not to trick your customers, but give them more value than their alternatives. CGN understands and preaches this concept as a must for every company in today’s web-based world.

CGN has the experience and expertise in all types of web-based tools. We are particularly fluent in web design and development technologies such as:

Making it Happen

CGN Global has tackled design and development projects for Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries. We have completed numerous projects from concept design all the way through to launch and everything in between. With superior user-integrated design capabilities, quality assured creative development and business process acumen, CGN can partner with you to create an interactive website that pushes your business into the customer-relationship realm.

For more information on how CGN can assess your web-based needs and develop a strategy for a unique customer experience, please contact:

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